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Awesome! flip around going batshit jumping over spiders and bats and a dragon. I love all the glitches like when you get stuck under the lift. Cool parallax effect too.

r1shworth responds:

if you jump over the dragons head then jump at the drawbridge at speed you do like a glitchy jump through the window. i thought it looked funny

nice idea, looks great and cool audio but its rock hard

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i like the look of the character but the game is rock hard and not very forgiving so i lost interest quickly

Its very buggy and there are no animations or sound, also i got to the end but couldnt go any further it just kept resetting. However for a first game it coud be worse, the controls and platforms all work to a degree and its a nice idea that you could expand on in the fufture.

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the enemies don't shot back so their isn't really any challenge. also when you shoot the spaceship it glitches in the corner. Otherwise it looks fairly decent and the controls work

this is a great game i love the art style particularly the giant/robot whatever. It reminded me a bit of studio ghibli and shadow of colossus. I also liked how you can choose to just walk off or destroy everything and the ending is great how you just walk forever

This is a great game, I love the art style. only complaint is it isn't longer as I would lie to spend more time as mr kane

loved it, very creep ad weird. love the
art style and animation too. still haventfound everything yet

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I gave it three stars because for a first attempt its not bad, the mechanics are sound and the movements fluid. you managed to get a working health bar and point scoring as well as a neat little lever and door animation. As others have said though the collision detection on the arrow thing is a bit dodgy and the respawn glitches if you fall off a platform. these kind of games are good practice for people learning flash and I expect when you refine your art style and add some nice animations and audio you could have a pretty solid platformer. well done keep it up

AmyJoy2213 responds:

Thanks for the feedback! :)

this game is amazing on mdma. i love you

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